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Climb is a communication platform designed to meet the engagement, outcomes, and access needs of prevention, treatment, and recovery organizations.

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The Problem

The recovery and behavioral health industry has fundamentally changed over the past year. Digital solutions and capabilities have proven their purpose, necessity, and value. Behavioral health organizations need a digital strategy that maximizes value, improves outcomes, and reduces costs. This digital strategy must address a gap in engagement.

Here's How Climb Helps to Close the Engagement Gap




Data-Driven Improvement


Alumni & Recovery Support


Johanna Dolan

Founder and CEO, Dolan Research International

“The Climb AI text messaging platform is a game changer. We were seeking a solution for engagement between events and Climb has the ability to offer that to us. The ability to automate information via text reduces information fatigue for both us and our participants. And Gloo Assessments, focusing on Recovery Capital is a powerful addition to our offerings. We need that individual information for clients to assist us in supporting them - no matter why they engage with us. That one change is going to help us in massive ways.”

The Solution

Behavioral Health and recovery organizations depend on engagement for success. But how do you leverage technology to improve engagement without adding barriers? Using AI and language processing, Climb helps to drive engagement while reducing barriers.

The Climb texting solution can help you reach more people, serve them efficiently, develop trust, and support their growth.

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Climb is working to help you access more people, optimize engagement with your people, measure outcomes, and sustain recovery & wellbeing.

Measurement based care and outcomes monitoring are best achieved with a measure of Recovery Capital. This is a holistic, comprehensive and standardized measure that is fast becoming the gold standard of leading indicators with a strengths based approach.


Connect with Potential Clients

Engage with people activated by marketing & advertising efforts to qualify them, connect them with your people, and provide relevant information.


Leverage Recovery Capital for Your Organization

See how your interventions are impacting many areas of a person's life and modify those interventions to get the best results and impact.


Facilitate Meaningful Interactions

Support your people with "help requests," gather data and capture stories of success right through text messaging.


Streamline, Automate, and Scale Communication

Send instant updates and announcements to your entire organization, groups, or individuals.


Increase Client Involvement

Publish content and automate new client onboarding or alumni support. Climb can even answer FAQs on your behalf.


Gain Visibility Into Groups, Cohorts, or Clients

View data to know and serve your people better. Send standardized assessments and measures of progress. Or, send text messages and quick check-ins to support growth.

Meet Our Recovery Capital Partner

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David Whitesock

Commonly Well

“There’s an urgent need to focus on the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health. Conditions like addiction are rooted in these determinants, yet our care strategies position sobriety as the goal or a key indicator of success.”

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